Guatemala/El Salvador Missions Trip – April 2018

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

19 So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.

20 And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

Mark 16:15-20 (KJV)
And that’s the reason I chose today this subject, for my last for a while for the tabernacle, on end-time evangelism. And when we are doing mission work or foreign mission, with the Word of God, we know we’re always in the will of God, because Jesus’ first commission to His church was “Go out and preach the Gospel.” This last commission was to preach the Gospel.

   62-0603 - The End-Time Evangelism
   Rev. William Marrion Branham

Trip Overview

In April 2018, Brother Dwyane Fehr, Brother Tito Jordan, and Brother John Perozok travelled to Guatemala and El Salvador. Following the vision of our Pastor, Brother Harold Hildebrandt, who has often stated that End-Time Message Tabernacle is a “mission-minded assembly”, we went with a desire to be a spiritual help where we could and we saw God open doors in a way that was very special. This purpose of this report is to recount events and give testimony to what God is doing in Guatemala.

Our host pastor, Bro Ovidio

Bro Tito Jordan is originally from Guatemala and was the Spanish interpreter for daily interactions and the church services.  Truly it was Bro Jordan’s burden and desire for his people that started these trips to Guatemala and will continue them into the future.

Over our nearly two weeks in Central America, the main purpose of our trip was to preach the Word of God.  It was not always an easy journey and the devil was there to fight us. We each fought sickness at points throughout the trip. Bro Jordan was quite sick on the first leg of the trip, and Bro Fehr fought a bad bug at the end of the trip, but through it all, God had the victory. Our host and driver was Bro Ovidio, a pastor from Guatemala City, and a special Believer with an incredible passion for spreading the Message in Guatemala.

Our trip began landing in Guatemala late into the night on Saturday, April 13, 2018.  We drove into the countryside, and took residence in a courtyard-side house, and began getting ready for a Sunday morning service.

Sunday Outdoor Courtyard Meeting

The voices could be heard entering the courtyard walls, as scores of Believers poured into the gates for Sunday morning service and we could sense a special expectation as Believers gathered to hear the Word. Bro Fehr spoke on John being “in the Spirit” on the Isle of Patmos, and the importance of being in the Spirit.  The Lord moved and at the end of the service many streamed to the front with various needs in a prayer line, and two people came up to give their hearts to the Lord. It was a special start to the trip.
Sunday morning courtyard service
Bro Fehr speaking
Prayer with a woman at the end of the service.
The next morning we left for El Salvador.  After a long and difficult drive, we arrived in the early evening and headed to a church service. Bro Dwayne and Bro Tito greeted the people at the end of the service, and then we fellowshipped with the believers into the night.
The second evening in El Salvador Bro Dwayne preached and a very sweet anointing was present throughout.

El Salvador Trip

Congregation in El Salvador
Worshipping after the service
Left to right: Bro Jordan, Bro Polanco (host pastor in El Salvador), Bro Fehr, Bro Ovidio, & Bro Perozok.
Believers in El Salvador

A Special Sunday

On the second Sunday morning of our trip, a special service was hosted at Bro Ovidio’s church in Guatemala City.  Around 200 Believers gathered from about five different churches in the city, and expectations were high.  Bro Dwayne Fehr took the morning service and spoke a powerful message on the God’s grace and the people rejoiced

Believers on Saturday evening before the service. Some came all the way for El Salvador for the special service.
The congregation gathered on Sunday morning
The congregation gathered on Sunday morning
Bro Fehr speaking on God’s grace
Immediately following the morning service, Believers headed to a nearby courtyard where food was being prepared for lunch. The Believers ate and fellowshipped together, and there was a great spirit of unity among them.
After lunch, Bro Perozok took some time for the young people with the thought: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. Later that evening, we travelled with some Believers to a “downtown” area of Guatemala City to relax and fellowship.
On the last leg of the trip, we travelled deep into southwestern Guatemala to visit a small church in the mountains. This trip will be forever etched in our memories as we watched God move in some very special ways.
We only had time for one full day in the mountains and so we were asked to hold two services; one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Bro. Jordan spoke the first service and the people rejoiced. In between services we met a young girl named Martha. She struggled with obvious developmental challenges and had never walked until she was 5 years old when a missionary had visited the area and prayed for her.  But, now she was 9 years old and she had still never spoken a word. It was purposed in our hearts to have prayer for her in the evening services.
Bro Fehr took the evening service. The anointing was very special that evening and faith was very high when the brothers went to prayer. Bro. Fehr prayed the prayer of faith, and in his prayer, he asked that God would let Martha sing for His glory. Soon the service finished, and the next morning we left the mountains to head back to Guatemala City to wrap up our trip.  Two mornings later, while out for breakfast, we received word through Bro Ovidio that God had done a work: Martha had been singing the song that two young sisters had been singing as a song special during the evening service that the brothers had prayed for her! Our God is great!

Testimonies from the Mountains

Song special in the mountains
Bro Jordan taking the first service
Worshiping after the second service
The brothers praying for young Martha
Another special thing happened in the mountains that we would like to share. The goal of a mission trip is to find souls for Christ, and we watched God move on a young boy’s heart. After the evening service and some time spent speaking with the youth, two boys asked about a display of candlestick being used as a symbol of the Seven Church Ages.
Bro Jordan took some time to explain its significance. After this, one of the boys, named Julio, asked for prayer; it was his first time in a Message church and he wanted to receive Christ in his life. We had prayer with Brother Julio, and we believe that God began a work in his life.

It truly was a very special day! Keep Bro. Julio and Sis. Martha in your prayers, as we know Satan always fights back when God is working.
Bro Jordan, Bro Julio, and Bro Perozok
Believers from our time in the mountains


To conclude this report; we had a truly wonderful trip to Central America seeing God move, and we want to thank you for your prayers while we were away!
There are many precious brothers and sisters in Guatemala and El Salvador that are holding onto this Message with all of their hearts. We really enjoyed the time spent with the Believers and we believe that God has much more in store in Central America.  Keep these countries in your prayers.